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     With two dogs and a small child, there's a lot of mud that gets tracked into the carpet and Ruislip Carpet Cleaner were able to do a really good carpet cleaning for us. It looks brand new thanks to them.
Earle Mockle19/05/2020
     Thank you to the awesome cleaners for cleaning our home. We are much happier in a clean house!
     My bathroom was starting to look like something out of a horror movie with all the mould in it. The cleaner from Ruislip Carpet Cleaning Services brought in special stuff to clean it and I'm so happy! Thank you.
Louisa C.01/12/2015
     We were looking for reasonably priced and high quality office cleaning service providers. Ruislip Carpet Cleaner came into the scene with the best quotes. It has been an absolute pleasure to be associated with them for the last year or so. Their efficient and non-invasive cleaning methods make sure our work does not get interrupted. Hope to have a long-term association.
Huston F.19/08/2015
     If you're in a bit of a rush and need to get the house cleaned quickly, then there's only one name you need to call. I was in a similar position and found myself ringing around all of the different companies in the area and I found that none - even over the phone - were really entirely helpful. That's right up until I came across RuislipCarpetCleaners. From that moment on, I could tell that I was going to get the help I needed. And it turned out to be exactly the case. Thanks.
Edward C.07/01/2015
     I have just hired a brilliant end of tenancy cleaning company called RuislipCarpetCleaners to deep clean my new home. I was moving in to a new home but didn't have a lot of free time to sort the domestic cleaning. My brother recommended this firm so I hired them for a total clean service. I was very satisfied with the cleaning staff, the results and the cost. The house was meticulously cleaned from top to bottom and left looking immaculate.
Megan D.24/11/2014
     We moved to our new office premises last year and quite quickly realised we needed a cleaner. We tried out RuislipCarpetCleaners and were very impressed with the industrious approach of their cleaning staff. Our premises are thoroughly cleaned by a very sharp cleaner who spots every stain, every spillage and any area of dust. The office environment is much fresher to come in to first thing in the morning and our staff have noticed the good difference this cleaning company have made. I take my hat off to them, they certainly know how to clean an office.
Ashwin R.14/11/2014
     When I need my curtains cleaning these days I tend to go to RuislipCarpetCleaners because they have the best, most experienced staff and charge less than many of their local competitors. I have never been let down by a cleaning job from them and considering the number of times I have used them over the last few years that really is saying something. I am always happy with their work and look forward to them visiting as their cleaning team are so polite and kind. I recommend this service highly and am very happy to say that publicly.
Denise F.09/10/2014
     Of all the cleaning companies in my local area, I'd never really found one that matched what it was I was looking for, in terms of cost effectiveness, coupled with an excellent job, and I was struggling to keep on top of all my other commitments as well as clean my house. I called up RuislipCarpetCleaners on a whim and they were so friendly and efficient, I didn't know what to do with myself! They came within the day, and my bathroom in particular looked amazing after they had been. Not got a negative word to say about them, excellent skills.
George H.04/09/2014
     So, my dad recommended that I hire a cleaning service. I've never even considered it before, but I'm glad I listened to him! It took a bit of shopping around to get to RuislipCarpetCleaners, and it was worth it. From the first minute I could tell I was dealing with a quality cleaner - they're nice, and knew their stuff alright! It started from there, but it gets better. My flat went from gloomy to sparkling in just a couple of hours! It was well worth the money, and you'd better believe I'll be hiring them again. Thanks a bunch!
Tina E.21/08/2014
     I had recently moved into a new home but the property was old, and the carpets had seen better days. I hadn't the money to buy new ones so opted to have them cleaned for the time being. I called a local carpet cleaning company in the area and made an appointment. I was provided with a quote from RuislipCarpetCleaners that I was pleased with and looked forward to seeing the results. The cleaning specialists arrived on time with their cleaning equipment and started work. Well the finished work was amazing, the cleaners did a great job and the carpets came out looking so fresh and bright.
Rachel Evenson24/07/2014
     I don't get too much time to spend with the children and grandchildren anymore, so I was extremely excited to host Christmas this year. That was until I realised how much cleaning and tidying the whole house needed and since I'm not as young as I used to be I needed help. I didn't want to ask the family and spend our quality time cleaning. I called RuislipCarpetCleaners and one of their fantastic cleaners turned my house inside out creating a warm homely space for Christmas. The lovely lady even helped me with my Christmas decorations. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Margaret Joyce30/06/2014
     I wanted my home cleaning after I fell and broke my arm. I wasn't well off and was dreading the cost. I was passed on a local firm called RuislipCarpetCleaners by a friend. I called and requested a budget service, and was given a basic general house clean with in my means. The office staff was helpful, and suggested a basic clean which covered enough to help me whilst I was out of action. The cleaners arrived and did a superb job. The price was worth every penny, and it has been wonderful to live in a clean and tidy house.
Elaine Bryant12/06/2014
     If you are ever in need of a really good cleaning company for after an event, like a wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday, whatever, then give RuislipCarpetCleaners a try. They have done a couple of jobs for me, after family events, and I have always found them to be completely amazing in every circumstance! If you feel like the cleaning may well be too much for you to take on yourself, then get in touch with them right away, I can guarantee that you will not regret it, as they are fantastic in all aspects, from cleaning power to the price!
Julian M.29/04/2014
     It wasn't easy to find cleaners that knew how to deal with antique and precious furniture, upholstery and other items such as grand pianos or a particularly large old clock I have in my hallway. However, the cleaners at RuislipCarpetCleaners are clearly very experienced and had no problem, bringing all of the products and equipment that they would need for such a task. I can no rest assured that the care of my greatest possessions is in safe hands. This company is very experienced and professional and I have had a very positive experience with them on each and every occasion.
     It's been a while since I last left a review for any sort of service, but RuislipCarpetCleaners really impressed me that much. There help has made a huge difference in our home, and we've gone from ‘fairly tidy' to ‘absolutely spotless' in a matter of weeks. When the service has this kind of impact this early on, you can struggle to understand how you ever managed in the past. There's really nothing to be said other than what an excellent service this is. I am always impressed when someone can perform their job so well, so a big thank you.
Frank Hall19/03/2014
     I'd like to recommend RuislipCarpetCleaners to all out there who need a decent clean from an excellent team! You will not find a harder working bunch than RuislipCarpetCleaners, they really have made my life a lot easier, simply by being so wonderfully prompt and diligent! I always know I can rely on them to get done what I can't, and it is that which means I can relax in the evening!
Meghan Morton05/03/2014
     I hired RuislipCarpetCleaners to provide routine home cleaning. I needed a company that was reliable and could be trusted to clean in my home when I wasn't there. The cleaning staff at RuislipCarpetCleaners are able to provide this service. The cleaner comes each week and provides a thorough house cleaning. She cleans all areas of my home, including the living room, kitchen, dining room and personal bedrooms. She always cleans in hard to reach corners and provides a truly thorough clean. I would recommend the expert staff at RuislipCarpetCleaners for any cleaning need. Thanks for the great service!
Michael H.18/02/2014
     Never in my life did I think, as a money-conscious young person, that an end-of-tenancy clean would ever be worth the money. I only called RuislipCarpetCleaners in the first place because I simply didn't have the time to get everything up to scratch myself, so decided to hire some professional help. The fact I am here writing this review shows you what a super job they did, my landlord was ecstatic and handed me back my deposit there and then. Since then these guys have cleaned every house I have lived in regularly, not only just before I move out!
Chrissy Bedmon30/01/2014
     After my husband had an accident at work I had to become a full-time carer for him, and it was really difficult to keep on top of the household chores. I felt like a failure because I was spending all of my time in my house but never had the chance to clean! I was embarrassed about needing to hire a cleaning company at first, but RuislipCarpetCleaners were really lovely and understanding. I have a really nice cleaner who always does a great job and I honestly couldn't cope without her! This is an amazing company and it's definitely worth trying if you have problems cleaning your home!

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